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Aquaponics @ LETS

What we do
Item 5
  • The Cycle
Our Location
  • It's Construction
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  • The Different Beds
Small Gravel
Small Raft
Raft A
Raft B
Raft C
Raft C
Raft D
Power Free
  • Maintenance
Small Gravel
Small Raft
Raft A
Raft B
Raft C
Raft D
Power Free

Raft B Maintenance

Raft B is fed from the IBC 1 cubic meter container. It hold around XX fish.

RaftB Filter01.jpg

  1. The pump needs to be turned off,
  2. and the valve from the pump to the tank needs to turned off.
  3. Next to this tank are various pipes that can be fitted together to enable you to drain off the tank.
  4. Place the orange end in to the drain valve.
  5. Open the valve to drain this tank.

Just unplug the power Stop the water from flowing back to the tank Attach the pipes together And open the drain valve

Get up on top of the stand and start taking apart the components.

Caption . . .

The filter here will have fish in it, try to rescue them and get them to the nursery.

  • Take our the bricks and wash.
  • Lift out the bicycle wheel with the mess on it, there are a couple of zip ties that will help you to do this. Wash thoroughly.
  • Next is the gravel that will need to be washed. Depending on how long since the last clean there could be a god layer of muck on top of the gravel. Also rescue the fish.
  • Get all the gravel out first, then lift out the bicycle wheel gravel holder. There are a couple of zip ties that will help you to do this.

Prepare to get dirty! . . .

  • You will find more fish at this level and you will have to use a bucket to get the last of the water out.
  • Scrub out the barrel
  • Clean both windows
  • You can see through them!

Now put it back together

. . .

  1. The Stand
  2. The Tire Gravel Tray
  3. The Washed Gravel

. . . .

  1. The Tire Mesh Filter
  2. The Bricks
  3. Turn off the drain valve, turn on the tank valve, turn on the pump
  4. Put on the lid.

. . . .

  1. Tie back up the shade cloth
  2. Check the water is flowing as before.
  3. You may have to add water to the tank.