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Introduction to Aquaponics

Aquaponics is the practice of growing vegtables from the respiration cycle of fish.

As the fish breathe, they take in oxygen from the water around them through their gills and expell ammonia.

This ammonia is what we want for the plants, as naturally with in the system are two types of bacteria than first motabilises the ammonia to a nitride and the second set of bacteria motabilises the nitride to nitrate, which is our water soluable fertiliser that our plants take up though their roots and so grow.

This natural cycle greatly helps to keep the system in balance with the fish providing nurtiants for the bacteria and so to the plants and the plants clean the water to the benifit of the fish.

There is very little input in to this system except, food of course for the fish, and water because of evaperation. Supplements to the system.