Week 10

We are at the halfway mark for eggs!!  The chicks get to run around outside on the afternoons children are available to watch over them.  We still have active mongoose in the area and I don’t want to take chances.  I really want to get a livestock guarding dog to rid of the mongoose- but it is complicated by legalities means we are a mission base with lots of  people living here.  In the meantime, children are our shepards and the chickens have limited outdoor time.  Once they are full grown we will be a bit more brave.  These girls (and boy) are chowing down the grain, but we are also daily feeding sow bugs (children collect them daily under plywood), comfrey, nasturtiums and dried sweet potatoe leaves and kale.  They are also eating duck weed and azola the aquaponics team is growing in the fish ponds- a great source of protien and vitamins.  Next week we are planting a few small areas of grain

Maria the rooster, 10 weeks old

.  Along with experimenting with watering and planting techniques we will be growing food for the chickens.  I also planted over 30 kombacha pumpkin plants-so in the near future the chickens will have pumpkin for carbs.  And maybe a pumpkin pie for me:)

two cute chicks!

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