Day 2:

6 AM: Chicks arrive at the post office in Kona, shivering and a little flustered in their cramped cardboard box. Lalena drops them off at the farm and puts them in the brooder under the warmth of a 100 watt light-bulb.

8AM: Sarah arrives at the farm and fills the chick water-ers with Lalena’s electrolyte tea to recharge the chicks after their long journey. We introduce the chicks one by one to the watering system so they all know how to find it.

9AM: One of the chicks discovers an unfortunate worm in the brooder and several of the chicks try to snatch it before she sneaks off to devour her prize. We figure they are hungry for their first meal and fill the feeder with Country Feed’s Poultry Feed. We also introduce some Sow Bugs to them which offer some amusement to the chicks.

Behavior: At first the chicks were a little timid, and huddled together for warmth and security. Within a few hours they were running around, exploring, playing and eating/drinking plenty. They seem to have gotten over the shock of their journey and are acclimatizing to their new environment. The newborns have already had a lot of visitors as children from around the campus to see them. The chicks are likely to be very well adjusted and friendly to humans.

Recipe: Lalena’s home-made electrolyte tea:

1/gallon water

1/3 cup honey

1 tbs apple cider vinegar

2 cloves minced garlic

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