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Last Wednesday (Nov/12) we had the Campus Fair at University of the Nations. Students came to the Natural Farm and took part on a short presentation explaining what we do here and inviting them to a tour on Saturday. Thema Black, our shephered, brought one of our newborn sheep for them to see and everyone was really excited!

A big thank you to everyone who helped make that event a total success! You are awesome!

Campus Fair

Vernon Byrd and Cyndi Stratton talking to the students about LETS and the Natural Farm to one of the groups of students who came to visit us.

Campus Fair

Thank you Thema for bringing that baby sheep! It was awesome!


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Praying for multiplication of these tilapia to feed thousands!

Three generations from our all volunteer staff got in on the act as we prayed then stocked our new concrete fish tank with a trial school of tilapia. The tank is a key component of our newest aquaponic system. It will be used to test things like easy to make filters and solar or gravity powered pumps. We want to make aquaponic systems more available to people in developing world locations. Students and visitors will be able to study the construction and operation of an intermediate size aquaponics system and use it to test innovative ideas that will improve food security in a hungry world. By the way, some scholars believe it was a tilapia that Jesus sent to Peter with a coin as recorded in Matthew 17:27.20140919_103107[2]admin-ajax20140919_102915[1]20140919_103020[1]20140919_103014[1]As these tilapia settle into their new home, staff will monitor water chemistry while finalizing the design and construction of system filter components.


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