Appropriate Technology Village

Welcome to ATV Kona

Group ShotHi, I’m Brittany Wood (see center of photo, stripe shirt) and am currently managing our Science and Technology Department’s Appropriate Technology Village in Kona, Hawaii. It is a demonstration and training site in the heart of campus: its a garden, a village setting with the basic features of home life (clean water, toilets, shelter, food & herbal/medicinal production), as well as a teaching space outdoors and for an indoor classroom we have a  Polynesian fale (sounds like: fall-A; ours might be a little less glamorous).

The Appropriate Technology Village (ATV) is roughly 1 3/4 acres in size and has a lot going on inside it. The vision and purpose is that we use appropriate resources and ideas to solve basic and vital issues like water sanitation and food production. We use the words “appropriate technology” a lot around here – 

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First Post

Appropriate Technology Village

This is a holder post till we get the first blog article  here.