Aquaponics Kona

Hidden beauty


Stephanotis floribunda, aka Madagascar Jasmine or Hawaiian Wedding Flower is growing at the Farm. The flowers are lovely and the smell is entrancing. What you see here is it’s mango looking seed pod. Like so many people, something beautiful is lurking inside, ready to share.

One piece can build something amazing!

Compost crate

We were having trouble with the edges falling down as we build compost piles. So we took an old pallet, cut it in half and hammered it together into an L.

We now have a moveable, low frame to hold up our piles as we build them. The piles remain in tact once we move the frame for our next pile to build.

Our days are never the same

There are no 2 days the same at the Kona Natural Farm Training Center

img_20160910_112526338Terry is in the nearby hills looking for the best biology to take back to the farm for making IMO’s.img_20160910_112554880

Look at what he found. Beautiful! Lots of beneficial microbes in this batch!





Jill has taken the responsibility of caring for 4 wild piglets whose mother was killed. They are a handful!





img_20160919_101549334_hdrTony and Chris spend time doing research for everyone, as well as all other things farmy.







Jefferson and Vernon will even go to the ends of the campus to find what we need. Real servants.They are collecting cardboard for sheet mulching (a way of weed control that eventually makes soil for us).




Occasional field trips to see local farmers to share and learn. This lady grows air potatoes. (What?)








Give a man a tool…..Drew is happy using a sharp machete.



Fish count!

16 October 2013

20131010_102526           20131015_092655

a real beauty for our breeding program                             team effort to be accurate with as little stress to the fish as possible


As we continue to make physical improvements at the Aquaponics Farm, we are also working to be more efficient and cost effective in feeding so we are updating our fish inventory. We are counting every tilapia as well as measuring, sorting, weighing and sexing (the ones that are old enough). We have great help getting this done.  Thanks to Norm Moe, Ward Filgo and our awesome Leadership Track guys – Jacob and Joe!


20131015_095151                  IMG_20130823_090751_874

Jacob and Joe                                                                                                                 “Can we get some food after this?”


Can you guess how many fish we have in our pool? Let us know what your guess is.

(Tilapia only, we are not  counting the mosquito guppy fish!)