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Permaculture Design Course

This weekend is the last Saturday for Derek’s Permaculture Design Course, here are some photos from previous weekends.

In our Permaculture course we have been studying of design implementing Permaculture in permanent human settlements in a sustainable way.

Hugelkulture 1


It is not simply agriculture or a way of farming, but encompasses the complete and holistic spectrum of life: Food, Energy, Water, and Sanitation.


Hugelkutlure 3


In the course we are running now we have delved into these topics for both the developed world and the developing world.  The pictures you have are part of the course, working to build an appropriate aspect of agriculture called “hugelkultur”.

Hugelkutlure 3


It is a method of conserving and retaining water, self-mulching, self-composting, and much more.  Our aim is not simply to include aspects of training that are lecture or classroom but also provide hands-on activities so students can apply the knowledge they are gaining.

Hugel I