Monthly Archives: March 2015

Last week of the Quarter for our Work Duty Students!

This week was the last week of this quarter for us work duty students at the farm 🙁 I, Andrew, had an incredible time and feel so privileged to work with such amazing people! As everyone has said over and over, the Natural Farm and its Staff are the jewel of the YWAM Kona Campus! The people here are incredible! All of us felt completely honored to serve under leaders like Vernon, Terri and Cindy, Eric and Miriam, Thema and of course my own family, Ralph & Lynn and James. Here are a few photos of our time together!

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Permaculture Video!

An incredible and extremely important avenue of LETS is our Permaculture initiatives! Permaculture is all about sustainable and appropriate technology for communities anywhere in the world. Here is a short video explaining what it is all about!


New Video on Aquaponics!

This week we would love to show you our new informational video Miriam put together featuring Cindy on Aquaponics! She tells us what Aquaponics is, how it can be used as well as a tour of our system! Enjoy!

New Piggery in Construction!

Check out our new Piggery in construction! We’ve been making tremendous progress with our new Korean style, natural “no smell” piggery! This is an incredible addition to the Natural farm and we are excited about being able to replicate this all over the world among warm climate cultures that have their pigs close to their dwelling. This could be adapted to family application to provide sustenance or to generate income!  Below you can see some of our progress so far. More information soon to come in video!