Monthly Archives: February 2015

Innovation on the Farm

This week “The Wonder Boys” – Dylan Hall and Josiah Henning, with LETS Innovation are showcasing one of their inventions: The Gravity Oxygen Generator – The basic purpose of this device is to provide oxygen for the fish to stay alive in an aquaponics system without electricity. It can be utilized in poor countries that have limited or no electricity. It’s also made of readily available materials that most would be able to afford! We are so blessed to have these guys with us!

_MG_3796Josiah and Dylan

_MG_3798A small fish tank example

_MG_3778The Gravity Oxygen Generator

Campus Fair

Its the Annual Campus Fair with LETS!
This year we brought the students to us in the ATV classroom as each DTS outreach team toured all that the campus has to offer. The new LETS video ( was shown to each group as well as an additional explination by Donny of what LETS is all about! This is such an exciting time for LETS of expansion and growth! Next week we will keep you updated on the new Piggery that is currently being built!


Vernon opening up the presentation

Vernon and Donny Speaking

Shepherding the sheep!

Shepherding the sheep!
This week Thema led the work duty students in herding and vaccinating the sheep on the farm. These specific type of sheep are “hairless” and do not need to be sheered, but instead serve as an emergency source of food for the YWAM base if Hawaii ever was to be cut from the rest of the world (which we hope would never happen). We love our sheep and definitely appreciate all the help we get with our work duty students!



_MG_3559Thema herding the sheep!


Some of our “hairless” sheep!


Work Duty Students with Thema – picking out the ones to vaccinate!

_MG_3548Kevin holding the gate!

_MG_3557 Stephen, one of our work duty students, enjoying the sheep.