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      Come and learn how to grow a garden without soil, where food is free of chemicals, no weeds grow; and you work at waist high level with minimum energy exertion. Your vegetables can grow faster and at higher densities compared to traditional soil gardening.

Welcoming the leadership track and work duty students!

Today we welcomed the new leadership track students that will be working on the farm!  We are so excited to have them and are looking forward to getting to know each one while working together.

Here you can see the leadership track on their first day getting their hands dirty!


IMG_20150115_101835 IMG_20150115_102000 IMG_20150115_102014 IMG_20150115_102038 IMG_20150115_102048IMG_20150115_094201250

Sarah made herself a new friend on the farm!


Below you can see animal expert Ralph Howes teaching the new students how to feed the pigs. Each day all the scraps from the kitchen are brought over and put to good use!



_MG_3456 Pig Feeding