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LETS Innovate!

This quarter the LETS team has been blessed with new members and each one of them is contributing to this part of the body of Christ with their abilities and gifts. We are growing as a family, improving in the way we work and being blessed by the Lord as we move forward!

The Lord has blessed us with a place for our inventors to work on their projects! It’s temporary, but we are really thankful for his provision. So, here it is, our innovation corner!

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Permaculture Seminar – FIELD TRIP!

Every week our students go on field trips with our school. Last week, Zachary Gale took them on a tour together with their teachers to see how things are going on his family’s property. Zachary showed them all that has been done so far and shared about what still needs to be done as Derek Kirbow also explained what could be implemented. In the end the students were challenged to work on their own permaculture design project.




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Natural Wellness Seminars

The Natural Wellness seminars are taking place every Tuesday at the ATV classroom and we have been blessed by amazing teachers sharing about Holistic Dentistry, Essencial Oils, Herbal First Aid & Kitchen Medicine and many other exciting topics!

The students not only learned by hearing but they also had the opportunity to do lots of hands on activities and experiments! They tried essencial oils, harvested herbs, made Lemon Grass Tea and Fire Cider.

Next Tuesday seminar will be about FOOD TOXICITY.

To know more about the seminars contact Don Rogers at <>


Essencial Oils seminar with Tasha Hakeen


Making Fire Cider!


Making Fire Cider!

Making Fire Cider!

Fire Cider

Fire Cider – excelent to treat cold, flu and cough!


Herbal First-Aid & Kitchen Medicine seminar with Dr. Corinne Maul de Soto

Making Fire Cider!

Making Fire Cider!

Harvesting Lemon Grass to make tea in the Herbal First-Aid seminar.

Harvesting Lemon Grass to make tea in the Herbal First-Aid seminar.



Amazing New Crew!

We have two teams of amazing people helping us this quarter, the Leadership Track team and the Work Duty Students team. They work hard building fences, pulling weeds, making compost, feeding pigs… It’s a long list! We are blown away by their servant heart and their commitment! Thank you so much for doing everything so diligently, guys! You are awesome! May you harvest what you have been planting! Not only the herbs and fruit but also the blessings the Lord has for those who seek His kingdom first!



Leadership Track team!


Work Duty Students!

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