Monthly Archives: February 2013

Week 12

dinner time!!

Our chicks have turned into full blown chickens.  No trace of those fuzzy little cheepy chicks anywhere.  Still 8 more weeks until they start laying.  This week we are planting small patches of heirloom sorghum and amaranth in order to increase our seed base for larger plantings.  If the plants suceed here then we will have some grain for the chickens.  They have also been eating the azola and any greens from the garden or kitchen we bring thier way.  I am pleased to say all 31 chickens look healthy and they get along well.  The last couple of afternoons we have let them run free inside the fence- all is well thus far.  Thier roof was repaired from the windstorm/tree damage.  The original material is broken and brittle from sun exposure and it’s expensive to replace, so we now have a beautiful blue tarp roof.  Just can’t escape those wonderful, versital blue tarps!!

posting a picture of our nifty chicken feeder.  PVC pipe with holes drilled for multiple feeders at a time.  Our original bucket design- which I prefer cause it keeps the mice and bugs from eating the feed- is not working well.  Until we can figure out how to make the feed flow and keep from clogging up we will be using the PVC pipe.  Next week I will show you the awesome automatic waterer John created for us.